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My name is John Robison IV.


I am a mountaineer, photographer, writer, entrepreneur, sailor, cyclist, and data scientist.


I am based in Boulder, CO, but spend much of my time out in the world.


I am always up to connect and talk about immersive film making, blockchain, travel, or just about anything.


+1 303.249.9205


Key Performance Indicators

I measure my life in a few ways – these metrics matter to me.


Miles Sailed


Miles Cycled


Photos Taken


My career and passions are built around experiencing deeply and sharing accurately; my stories, photos and creations are intentionally curated to this end. I am most comfortable behind a Nikon lens, hooked into the Adobe Creative Suite, or innovating technological solutions to problems with a team.


I’m quite new to programming, but can code a little and conceptualize a lot more. My focus is currently on front-end web design, but I’m also handy with SQL queries, plus a bit of Python.


My task at hand right now is A-Frame (and therefore three.js) and D3.js. For work I make maps and analyze data on peace and security issues for a nearby international NGO / think tank. I’m currently learning how to build interactive, map-based data visualizations in virtual and augmented reality.


Goodness knows I need help – if you’re familiar with any of the frameworks / libraries I mentioned and want to help out, please send a note –

Our crew in St Lucia

What I do


To seek and discover is  an intrinsic drive of mine. I’ve never quite been able to put my finger on its source, but I love exploring this earth, preferably by naturally-powered means – under sail, by pedal, or afoot.


It amazes me just how much of a story can be told in a single, still image. I first learned on an old Pentax K1000 loaded with a roll of black and white filme, but have since transitioned to a digital single lens reflex Nikon, which I toted along throughout my travels of 2012 – 2014. My new passion: spherical photography, and building interactive immersive experiences in film.


Recently I made a left turn career-wise into the social sector. I’m currently conducting research and building maps at an international NGO / think tank, and am discovering an exciting interest in social enterprise and impact entrepreneurship, especially in the developing world.


Solving problems and finding efficiencies are natural tendencies for me – thus, my lifelong involvement in entrepreneurial ventures. I started with a party planning company with my friend Gracie when I was in fourth grade; since then I’ve co-founded a web / mobile tech firm and worked as an employee and consultant at startups ranging from conceptual to scaling.