John Robison IV

I am John Robison IV.

I am a researcher, entrepreneur and explorer based in Colorado. I believe in a world where people are connected, information is available, and beauty is accessible. This conviction drives me personally and professionally, to focus my energies on the pursuit of meaning.

Despite my hesitations, I want to share my work, whichever tool I used in its creation: JavaScript or my Nikon, my snowboard or my touring bicycle. I intend to iterate thoughtfully, and embrace imperfection and failure.

As a person, I love connecting deeply with the world, wherever that may be. My preferred mode of travel is the natural sort – by foot, cycle, or sailboat, you’ll find me living with a camera to hand.

As a professional, it is my aim to add value to great teams building amazing things, both online and in the real world. I take pride in doing my work well.

  • A Day Skating in St Lucia

    A Day Skating in St Lucia


  • Mt Rainier via the Emmons-Winthrop

    Mt Rainier via the Emmons-Winthrop


  • Across the Atlantic by sail

    Across the Atlantic by sail


  • Weddings, Fashion, & Commercial Work

    Weddings, Fashion, & Commercial Work



It is my aim to document genuine experiences, either with words or lenses. I’ve found equal joy in capturing stories about human achievement – in the mountains or at sea – and human celebration.

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